Geological and Paleontological Museum

A journey through ancient geological times, among rocks and caves of the Lessini Mountains, discovering ammonites, dinosaur footprints, cave bears and ancient prehistoric villages.

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The museum exhibits fossils discovered in the Lessini Mountains and in many other locations offering a journey through the evolution of life in the different geologic times.


Attilio Benetti

The museum was created thanks to Cav. Attilio Benetti, an emblematic figure that has shown through his life how curiosity can bring to great scientific discoveries. Despite having attended only primary schools, he was able to combine his innate curiosity with a great passion for Nature. Thanks to the abundant fossils characterising the area he has become one of the most renown specialist in palaeontology in Italy. Author of several scientific publications and various books on popular traditions, he has been studying geology, magnetostratigraphy, speleology, anthropology and folk legends and has remained until the last years in close relationships with universities and scholars. The Museum and the Covolo di Camposilvano represent his legacy for future generations


Some trails departing from the Museum allow to trek among green pastures, beech forests and peculiar geological features, also leading to the typical villages of Lessinia (contrade), mountain huts (malghe), and refreshment points where it is possible to enjoy the good local products. The excursion at the small “Valley of the Sphinxes” allows walking among large blocks of rock, whose morphology reminds the Egyptian sphinxes: these shapes form because of the different response to karst erosion existing between the rock formations of the Rosso Ammonitico and the Oolite of San Vigilio. Visits for groups and school groups to the Museum, to the Covolo cave and in the surrounding areas are provided upon reservation.


From the Museum, a gently steep trail, with steps and bordered by a fence, drives into the Covolo of Camposilvano amphitheatre , in about five hundred meters. This s the remain of giant cavenr partially collapsed in the millenia formed by karstic processes that have dissolved the limestone. Along the trail, arch aeologists have found traces of Romans and ancient Lombard frequentation, while local legends assure that the writer Dante Alighieri visited the area and found inspiration here for the description of the descent into the Hell of the “Divina Commedia” poem.
The Covolo is a really suggestive karstic cavity, over 80 meters deep, constituting the residual cave of an ancient huge an underground cave, which upper vault, constituted by strata of the Rosso Ammonitico rock formation, collapsed. At the bottom of the cave during specific periods of the year it is possible to observe a ice deposit from which Dante took inspiration for describing the frozen lake of Cocito.

About Us

Benetticeras APS Cultural Association

The Association was founded in June 1997 by the will of the Attilio Benetti with the original name of Association Fossils Museum of Lessinia. Attilio Benetti was an internationally recognized researcher and curator of the collection that constitutes the current Geopaleontological Museum of Camposilvano
The Association aims at the preservation and promotion of museums and natural sites of geological, paleontological, prehistoric interest of Lessinia and Veneto. It started its activity with the development and management of the Geopaleontological Museum of Camposilvano and of the Covolo Cave, a didactic structure founded by Attilio Benetti in 1997. Since then it has carried out initiatives of safeguard, promotion and research of the geological heritage, in collaboration with the Regional Authority Park of Lessinia (Ente Parco Regionale della Lessinia) and the municipalities of the area, also through the management of other sites and museums, such as the Paleontological and Prehistoric Museum of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo. Since 2020, the association has started a new path to expand its field of action, starting to become APS (Associazione di Promozione Sociale, Association for Social Promotion) and changing its name to Associazione Culturale Benetticeras ( Cultural Association Benetticeras, denomination in force since December 18, 2020 with the approval of a new statute). The new name of the Association is inspired by the deceased founding member Attilio Benetti (1923-2013), who was engaged in all fields of research and promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage of Lessinia, from Geology to Natural Sciences, History, traditions. The new species of ammonite named after him, "Benetticeras", symbolically represents the 360° interest, the spiritual testament and the heritage that he passed on to us and that the Association is committed to enhance and increase towards both the inhabitants of Lessinia, tourists and hikers.

Our Goals

To preserve, promote and manage the Museums of Lessinia
To carry out and promote studies in the field of naturalistic, geological, paleontological, prehistoric, speleological, landscaped, anthropological and historical research
To sensitize the public, and especially young people, to the enhancement and protection of cultural, naturalistic, geological, paleontological, prehistoric, speleological, landscape, anthropological, historical heritage of Lessinia
To promote scientific and cultural initiatives and activities to safeguard the natural, environmental, historical and cultural heritage in order to enhance the association's aims
To promote and coordinate cultural initiatives (conventions, trips, excursions, shows, cultural events, recreational activities, exhibitions, support and supervision of degree theses, etc.) that best serve the promotion of museum and cultural heritage of Lessinia
To produce didactic, promotional, technical and scientific editorial material related to the museums and culture of Lessinia
To organize events to promote the museums and cultural conferences on Lessinia
To promote, conserve, and manage tourist visits in the museum structures, educational rooms, and excursions to sites of naturalistic, landscaped and historical interest
To participate in conferences and events of scientific and divulgative nature
To collaborate with other associations with common purposes



  • From the 15 th of June to the first week of september we are open all days with the exception of Monday, with the following times: 9.30 - 12. 30/15.00 - 18.00.
  • From the first week of September to the 15 th of J anuary and from the 15th of March to the 14th of June we are open on Saturday, Sunday and holidays with the following times: 10.00 - 12.00/14.30 - 16.30.
  • The Museum is closed from mid January to mid March. Special openings on request for groups and scholars though all the year.


  • Full price: 4.00 €
  • Reduced rate: 3.00 € (groups with 10 people or more, children from 6 to 15 years, scholars, adults over 70 years of age)
  • Free entry for disabled people and children 6 years or younger
045 6516005

Where to find us

Via Covolo, 1 - 37030 Camposilvano di Velo Veronese (VR)


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Cammino 7 vulcani
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